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Life can be stressful. No matter how persistently we may strive to be happy, we will all experience periods of difficulty and struggle. During times of stress our relationships are more challenged. Relationships with family members can go awry, conflict can seem inevitable at every turn, and our satisfaction in our lives decreases. We may question everything including if we chose the right life partner.

At such times, talking to someone who is objective, caring, and supportive may open up a fresh outlook and new possibilities.

My role is to join you as a compassionate helper wherever you find yourself, whether you are coping with illness, adjusting to a loss or other life change, confronting mortality, finding you have momentarily lost your balance, improving your health behaviors, or simply longing for personal growth.  My intention is to help clients get in touch with their own strength and wisdom. With the support of therapy, people are often better able to clarify what truly matters to them. When clients connect with their core values, they find their own innate capacity to move toward a full and vital life, no matter how difficult their circumstances.

It is my core belief that having meaningful connections to others allows us to feel a better sense of health and well-being. I offer Imago Relationship therapy; a strength-based approach with focus on helping couples heal old wounds through a positive and attuned presence.

I look forward to meeting you.

Healthy and Loving Connections

Heal a Wounded Heart

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