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Johanna is extraordinarily insightful and has the ability to see perspectives that the client may not have considered. She is warm and empathic. She is highly experienced working with a variety of intrapersonal growth and development issues as well as interpersonal relationship dynamics. She has the highest commitment to ethical care and is always respectful that the client’s therapeutic path is their self-determined journey. Johanna Rayman is always one of the top choices whenever I have been asked for a recommendation for a therapist in this area.

- Diane Zosky, Ph.D., LCSW, ACSW

"Johanna Rayman offers an engaging, insightful, empathic presence in her work.  Collaboratively, I know her to be generous and encouraging, always willing to share her thoughts and knowledge with peers and to eagerly accept suggestions from others.  Her practice has almost consistently been full since her first year in town.  She is eagerly sought after as a therapist and consultant even by other psychotherapists and professors of mental health education in town.  She is funny, warm, inviting, and ever so patient both with friends and clientele."

- Jeanette Roberts, LCSW

"Johanna, you're one of my scaffolders! Even if you stayed, you wouldn’t stay my therapist forever. You see, the thing about scaffolders is that they provide stability, and a way for growth to occur. However, to see the work in its true genuine beauty, the scaffolding becomes unnecessary and actually takes away from the beauty of what they helped create. They aren't meant to stay forever. They take the job from where it is, and take it to the farthest level it can go, before either finishing it or handing it over to others. They put a piece of their soul in it and can always look at what they worked on with pride, but the scaffold is not meant to always be there and the structure being worked on isn't meant to need the scaffold forever. If it did, it would never be recognized in all of its own amazing strength."

- Lindsay P.

"Johanna has a sophisticated set of interpersonal skills, expresses herself well and is astute at sensing what a diverse population needs to better their life and relationships. She communicates warmth, acceptance, trust, and has a genuine alliance to her clients. Not only does she communicate confidence about their healing, she provides solid evidence based education about their symptoms and is fully committed to providing the best care possible. I have truly not known a more dedicated professional."

- Tracy Bovee, LCPC

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